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Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve

Iíve always been a fan of simple, well made products that actually make my life easier. Changing the oil in your bike is definitely one of the more basic maintenance tasks you can perform but who actually looks forward to doing it? The Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve might change your feelings about this routine task.

M22 x 1.5 adapter fitted on a 2v Ducati

During an average race season, I change the oil in my bike at least 8 times a year. After three years of abuse, the head on the drain bolt was nearly rounded off and became a chore to remove. The process is messy and almost guaranteed to involve some modest swearing, banged up knuckles and a search for the dropped bolt in a pan of used oil. These are all problems this product was designed to solve.

The design of the Stahlbus drain is simple and resembles a check-valve. When you insert the drain adapter, a pin on the tip pushes the ball valve upwards and the oil is free to drain. Twisting clockwise locks the adapter in place. When you disconnect the adapter, the valve seals again automatically. Build quality is excellent. Itís machined in Germany from high quality steel and feels very solid.

The standard drain kit includes the valve itself, a bayonet-style drain adapter, an aluminum safety cap, a short length of hose and a brass crush washer. If youíre a racer, Stahlbus offers a kit with a pre-drilled cap for safety-wiring (the standard cap is fairly thin and youíll probably have a difficult time drilling it.) Instructions in the box are written in German - but if you canít figure out how to install and use this thing, you probably have no business working on a motorcycle.

No more oil dripping on your exhaust
Downsides? At nearly 22mm long, Itís quite a bit longer than your standard drain plug and might be a tight fit on some bikes. It also has no magnet at the base so if youíre breaking in a new motor, you should probably hold off for a couple oil changes.

Overall, this is a great product. Itís well made and makes changing your oil so easy youíll wonder why someone didnít invent this earlier.

Reviewed by:
Ian O'Neal


Photos by Marty
FASTTRAX Moto Series